Privacy and Cookies Policy


We, Digital Paradise OU, are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and we make it our highest priority to safeguard the confidentiality of any and all personal information you provide to us.

This policy sets out the method that we take to the collection and handling of any such information and applies to all websites, mobile apps and other services operated by us, such as newsletters or “Services.”

By using our “Services,” you are reasoned to agree to our use of your information in accordance with this policy. We encourage you to take some time to read through and contact us if you have any inquiries.

In the event of any changes to our approach, we will update this policy and post the latest version on this page. Please be sure to check back regularly to ensure you remain familiar with our policies.

Summary of Key Issues:


Non-Personal Information

Most information that is collected is linked to non-personal identifiers, such as unidentified User IDs or Device IDs. The information does not enable you to be identified as an individual in the offline world, otherwise known as “Non-Personal Information.” Examples of “Non-Personal Information” include things such as browser type, access time and general geographic information.

Personal Information

We will also collect information from you that enables you to be recognized as an individual in the offline world, such as your name or e-mail address, otherwise known as “Personal Information.” This “Personal Information” is collected when users choose to register for our newsletter, for example.

How and When Information is Collected

We collect information that you voluntarily provide us during your use of the “Services.” This can vary from “Non-Personal Information,” such as the dates and anticipated destination you ask us to run a search against, to the “Personal Information” you are compulsory to submit where you wish to register to our newsletter.

In addition to information that you voluntarily provide to us, we also collect certain “Non-Personal Information” directly from you as you use the “Services,” as well as circuitously where it is provided to us automatically by the third party application, social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter or other website such as a promotion partner that you connect to the “Services” from.

How Information is Used

Delivering “Services”

We use your information to deliver the “Services” and the particular features and functionality you request. This includes things like producing the search results that most accurately match your search criteria and storing your “Personal Information” in order to e-mail you newsletters that you have selected to receive.

Personalization of “Services”

We use Information to enhance and distinguish your experience of the “Services.” For example, we will use cookies to remember your language and currency preferences, and may also personalize your experience by highlighting or advocating certain information or travel options that we believe are relevant to you based on your search history and use of the “Services.”


Information may be used to work with online advertising companies to display targeted advertising through our website and third party websites you may visit. This targeting may be the result of submitted information provided by the user, or based on user behavior and activities on our websites or that of third party websites. Users can consent to or reject these types of advertisements.

Improving Services

We and third party service providers may arrange analytics cookies to gather information about the types of visitors that access our website. We or our third party service providers may collect information on such use, including pages visited, links clicked and mouse movements in order to understand your use of our website, though this information will not be used to identify individual users.

Third Party Information Collection

If making a booking through a third party website to which you are referred from our website, the third party providers will collect certain information that is provided during booking, and is used in agreement with their own terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Sharing of Information

As mentioned above, if a booking is made on the pages of a given travel provider booking website, data and information may be collected by such third parties. We are thus not responsible for the privacy practices of such third party websites. It is vital to stay informed about the relevant privacy policies of a given third party website by reading their specific privacy policies.

Distributing information with business affiliates and other third parties will only be done lawfully. If required by law, such as by law enforcement or other authorities, we may disclose information.

Storing Information

With data centers and servers being located in Germany and third party providers being located there or in other regions, users agree that by providing us information, this information may be relocated to and collected in these countries. Users may be required by law in these countries to have information accessed by requests from government or law enforcement. In the case this occurs, we provide safeguards to protect personal information.

Keeping Information Safe and Secure

Maintaining confidentiality and the safety of users’ Personal Information is a top priority. Limited access to Personal Information is our goal, and this information provided will not be used in excess.

Though limited access to Personal Information is a priority, it should be noted that the transmission of information through the internet is never entirely secure, thus we cannot guarantee the security of shared information.

Cookie Usage

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file, typically of letters and numbers, downloaded on to a device when the user accesses certain websites. Cookies are in turn sent back to the original websites on each subsequent visit. Cookies can be useful because they permit a website to identify a particular user’s web browser or device.

In line with this policy, we use a combination of cookies and similar tracking technologies to collect “Non-Personal Information” from you relating to how you are using the “Services.” The principal purpose for our use of cookies is to warrant the optimal delivery of our services. In addition, we use third party cookies for statistics and to analyze user behavior.

Opt-Out Options

Certain browsers will allow users to opt-out of using cookies, with the capability to block or entirely delete such cookies. Please refer to the ‘Help’ menu in your browser for further information.

Cookie Type

Why we use it and additional information


Essential cookies, as their name insinuates, are imperative to the proper functioning of the website. They enable us to remember your selections between pages, such as routes, dates and the number of travelers, meaning we can pass that information on to our booking partners without you ever having to re-enter this information.

Performance / User Experience

We use cookies to make sure our website performs to its highest abilities, and to make sure the correct results are being distributed in accordance with your selections. We also use cookies to enhance your experience by acknowledging whether you are a first time visitor and by remembering your preferences, such as language, currency type and previous searches.


Optimization cookies allow us to understand and track anonymous user data such as click trends, so we can be sure the site offers you a consistently smooth, practical and enjoyable experience.


Our website serves advertisements that are relevant to you by displaying interest-based advertisements. We also use advertising solutions delivered by third parties, such as: ADARA, Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), Google Adsense for Search (AFS), SalesForceDMP, etc. to provide you advertisements linking to the “Services” when you are on other websites.

These personalized advertisements are served by third parties using cookies which will track your behavior across the web, using anonymous statistics as opposed to personally identifiable information, including information relating to your use of the “Services,” your location and demographic characteristics. Third party advertisers may also use cookies for reasons such as guaranteeing that relevant advertisements are being displayed, to help avoid the same adverts being served twice to the same user and to ensure that adverts are correctly sized and don’t detract from your experience of the website.


We use Google Analytics who store cookies on your device to create anonymous reports and statistics.

Google stores this information in accordance with their privacy policy.

We also use AppDynamics for analytics information on our website performance.

Collecting Personal Information from Minors

We do not knowingly collect “Personal Information” from minors. If we realize that a minor is attempting to submit “Personal Information,” we will immediately remove this information from our records. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor who has given us “Personal Information,” please contact us so we can permanently remove such information.

Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Federal Trade Commission’s Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs)

We, Digital Paradise LTD, are in compliance with GDPR, whose main focus is the protection of personal data and digital privacy.

Managing Personal Information

You are authorized at any time to obtain information about all your “Personal Information” that we store, in accordance with applicable law and without any charge.

In some cases, we may not be able to allow you to access certain “Personal Information.” For example, if your “Personal Information” is connected with personal information of other persons or for legal reasons, you may not be allowed to access certain “Personal Information.” In such cases, we will provide you with a justification as to why you cannot obtain this information.

You can also retract your consent to the use of your personal information and/or request removal or rectification of your personal information at any time by contacting us.


If you have questions about our privacy practices or need assistance with exercising or understanding your privacy choices, please contact us at

This Privacy Policy was written in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), whose main focus is the protection of personal data and digital privacy. This Privacy Policy is also in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs), whose core principles of privacy include Notice/Awareness, Choice/Consent, Problems with Choice/Consent, Access/Participation, Integrity/Security and Enforcement/Redress.