Cheap Doesn’t Mean Nasty – How to Find A Decent Room for the Night Without Breaking the Bank.

Finding a place to rest your head can sometimes feel like a game of roulette, spin the wheel and take your chance! Will you pay a high price in the hope your accommodation lives up to the hype or look for a deal that may save you money but could also leave you feeling less than enamored with the space you have found yourself in?

Booking accommodation shouldn’t be this way, whether you are seeking a bed for an overnight business trip or looking for something a little upmarket for a romantic break, you should be able to find a decent place without breaking the bank. So, if you are on a budget have no fear, we are here to steer you in the right direction and help you to find a great hotel room that you can afford.

Online is Fine.

Start off by checking out an online travel agent (OTA) or booking site, you don’t have to be overly particular with which one at this stage, you are simply seeking an overview of what’s available within your search parameters. Add your ideal dates and location along with your budget, you can also specify filters – think about the features you would like e.g. are you seeking accommodation with car parking available or a swimming pool? You can then look through the results at your leisure, not to mention peruse customer reviews – see what previous travelers thought of their stay. You can also check out policies relating to cancellations etc. You should be left with a few picks that suit your requirements.

Meta is Better.

Next step is to use the information you already have and fine tune it to find the best accommodation for you. This is where metasearch comes into its own. Metasearch allows you to personalize your choices and search for accurate and up to date booking information. Metasearch travel websites also allow for easier comparisons – you can evaluate places you like the look of in terms of cost, facilities etc. This gives you the opportunity to book the room of your dreams for the best price possible.

There’s also the fact that a Metasearch website allows you to book directly with the provider rather than using the OTA as a go-between – why add an extra layer of communication? The research and booking process should be as lean and clean as possible. There is the metasearch holiday big boys such as Kayak and TripAdvisor, but you can also carry out your search via a smaller, less well-known site and compare the results.

Other Hints and Tricks.

Get packing – what are you waiting for? There’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered!