5 Insider Tips on Booking Cheap Flights

Check out these insider tips on the best ways to save when booking flights. Whether seeking domestic or international airfare deals, following these guidelines will guarantee lower flight costs.

Whether an experienced traveler or an amateur when it comes to planning a trip and booking flights, there are several ways to reduce costs and find the best deals. Detailed below are a number of tips to consider to find the cheapest flights and the best travel times in order to maximize travel experiences.

Consider Time and Day

While the topic of when to find the cheapest flights is heavily debated, travel studies and publications alike usually agree that the cheapest time to buy a flight is between 53 to 56 days before departure. Momondo, a travel comparison site, claims that booking flights 53 days in advance will help travelers save 26 percent of holiday travel costs.

According to Business Insider, the cheapest day and time to buy a flight is on a Tuesday afternoon. Airlines tend to release weekly airfare sales on Tuesday mornings and by mid-afternoon, competing airlines will offer matched sale prices. The earliest flight of the day is also usually the cheapest, so check for outgoing early bird flights.

Look for Deals on Social Media

Consistently checking social media is another way to snag airfare deals. Low-cost carriers such as JetBlue tend to advertise on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter users can simply follow various airlines and find great deals. Following travel bloggers and publications also help travelers find deals and tips when looking for cheap flights. 

Using Facebook can come in handy for deals on flights if travelers are part of Loyalty Rewards Programs. For Loyalty Rewards Program members, simply go to Facebook and “like” the program’s page; a number of offers will come rolling in shortly after.

Sign Up for Price Alerts

Signing up for price alerts will help travelers get the best deal on flights. Skyscanner, Kayak, Expedia and AirfareWatchdog are just a few of many travel fare aggregator websites that provide price alerts for international and domestic travel.

Travelers can set alerts with detailed information on destination, times and days. After setting up an alert, travelers will receive notifications on price declines or increases.

It’s also important to check multiple sites to ensure finding the best airfare deals. While this may seem like obvious advice, too often will travelers find what they think is a great deal, until they reach check out and are bombarded with hidden fees. Such instances can be avoided by checking multiple airlines and aggregator websites to ensure the cheapest flights.

Travel During Low Season and Check for Holidays

Depending on where you’re traveling, booking flights during low season will help to reduce costs.

Take Europe for example. In Europe, high season is typically during the summer months of mid-June through August. Not only will flights be drastically pricier during these months, but traveling during high season also results in crowdedness and overall chaos.

Booking flights during a destination’s low season will ensure cost cuts, and will inevitably provide a more enjoyable trip due to traveling during a less hectic time of year.

Be sure to also check what holidays a given destination celebrates. Certain destinations may have a holiday travelers are unaware of that will cause flight prices to rise during this time.

Always Search Incognito

As an avid traveler who has made the mistake of not searching in “incognito” mode, doing so will irrefutably help reduce flight prices.

Travel websites, airlines and aggregators typically all use “cookies” that track your search history. Due to this, you might not be seeing the cheapest prices unless you’re searching on a given website for the first time.

If searching in “incognito” mode, sites will be unaware of your search history, thus resulting in lower airfare prices.