Insider Tricks on Finding the Cheapest Car Rentals

Reduce the stress and hassle of looking for cheap car rentals by following these insider tricks.

It is widely known that there are certain insider tricks to consider when looking for cheap flights, but did you know the same goes for finding cheap car rentals? Detailed below are some tricks to finding the cheapest car rentals that will help save big bucks on your next travel endeavor.

Avoid Airport Car Rentals and Big Name Companies

Though picking up a rental car at the airport is usually the most convenient option, it will subsequently cost the most. There are usually several car rental companies just a few miles from airports that will offer travelers much more affordable prices. If feasible, try this instead.

While this might seem like obvious advice, avoid renting cars with big name companies. Hertz and Enterprise tend to be the most expensive car rental companies. Off-brand car rental companies are just as reliable and will offer cheaper prices. If worried about the reliability of off-brand car rentals companies, read some reviews online beforehand to ensure choosing the best option.

Look For Car Rentals Online

Looking for car rentals online can result in cheaper prices. Some online companies also offer cheaper prices if you pay ahead of time, as opposed to paying in person at the counter. Be careful, though, because this option may be nonrefundable.

When looking for cheap car rentals online, be sure to do your research and compare and contrast prices, reviews, etcetera.

If using metasearch engines such as Kayak or Priceline to find cheap rental cars, be sure to also head to the specific car rental company’s website to check and see if the prices match. Sometimes, rental companies’ websites will offer cheaper prices on their homepage as opposed to what one will see on metasearch engines.

Book Car Rentals Directly After High Season

If possible, book rental cars directly after high season. After high season of a given vacation destination comes to an end, car rental companies will have to return these cars to their original destinations.

Having to hire a transfer driver or employee to reposition vehicles can be costly, so rental companies save big money by instead renting out these cars to individual travelers. During this time, travelers could find prices as low as $15 per day. This truly is a win-win situation for both the traveler and the car rental company.

Bundle Up on Car Rentals, Flights and Hotels

When planning a leisure or business trip, booking flights, hotels and car rentals as a package deal through the same site will help travelers save money. Sites such as Orbitz, Expedia and offer discounts when booking everything at once. This can shockingly save travelers hundreds of dollars.

Don’t Fall for Added Bells and Whistles!

When booking a rental car, finding the cheapest yet most reliable option is always a priority. Car rental companies will sometimes try and convince you to buy their insurance, gas and upgrades. If you’re trying to save on car rentals, don’t fall for this!

When it comes to insurance, car insurance companies will usually cover you if something happens in a rental car. Car rental companies trying to sell you insurance are just trying to rack up your bill.

Car rental companies will also tell you that buying gas through them will be cheaper. Avoid this, because companies will charge you for a full tank whether or not a full tank is used, thus it’s best to buy gas on your own.

If you live a lavish lifestyle and want to be driving the spiffiest rental car, by all means accept an upgrade. Most travelers seeking rental cars, though, are probably just looking for cheap and reliable options, without the need for any added bells and whistles. Due to this, avoid letting car rental companies convince you to buy an upgrade. Economy cars will get you where you need to go.