Comparing and Contrasting Car Rental Companies

Take a look at the following car rental companies and check out the pros and cons for each.

With a profusion of car rental companies out there for travelers to choose from, it’s difficult to determine which are best, and which provide the cheapest car rentals. Luckily, we’ve selected a few of our favorites and provided the low down on their policies, prices and hidden offers.


Pros: With costs as low as $8 per day, Ace undeniably provides the most affordable car rentals. It also offers cheaper prices when reserving car rentals on their website. It has the lowest cost when adding additional drivers, and offers free cancellation when booking online.

Cons: Ace isn’t widely available, making it less accessible and resulting in fewer rental options. If booking only one day in advance, Ace’s costs will be much higher.


Pros: Alamo has an easy return policy, reducing stress when returning a vehicle. It also is a great option for those wishing to save on car rentals, estimated at around $42 per day, which is about 7% less than average, according to Time. If you’re planning on adding drivers, Alamo is a great option and only charges $12/day extra per added driver.

Cons: Though Alamo operates at approximately 250 locations, most are situated at airports, resulting in higher prices than you might find at nearby car rental companies located away from airports. The company’s rewards program also isn’t as strong as some other leading competitors, so if you’re an avid car renter, this may not be the best option. 


Pros: With inexpensive weekly rates, Avis has an abundance of locations with approximately 1,900 stores worldwide, making it one of the the most available car rental companies in existence. Though Avis tends to have higher rates for daily rentals, they offer discounted prices of up to 30% when paying ahead of time online.

Cons: Avis’s rewards program is amongst the worst in the industry, requiring 700 points for a free rental. It also has one of the higher daily rental rates, averaging at about $95 for a single day rental.


Pros: Payless will offer travelers lower rates when booking in advance, so be sure to get a head start if booking through this car rental company. Payless also offers a complimentary airport shuttle that will take travelers directly from terminals to rental offices.

Cons: Considered a “bare-bones” car rental company, Payless doesn’t offer many extra services, has fewer locations and less vehicle availability.


Pros: Thrifty offers an excellent online check-in system where travelers can simply plug in their name, reservation information and have a vehicle ready ahead of time for pick-up. It also offers more affordable prices than the above mentioned Alamo, averaging at around $20 per day. They also offer cheaper prices when choosing the “Pay Now” option online.

Cons: Similar to Alamo, Thrifty has fewer locations than other leading car rental companies, and will charge more at airport locations.